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YaYa Toure and Mezit Ozil. What's happened? Two world class footballers - and genuinely so in this case - but neither playing anything like their best at the moment

Is it simply a case of World Cup hangovers? It might be and only time will tell us that, but I fear for both City and Arsenal fans that there's a lot more to it.

We spent time with big YaYa before the WC here at BeIN Sports. He was in Doha receiving treatment for a long standing injury and was kind enough to come into our studios. It was around the time of 'cake-gate', which made it an even bigger gesture. He knew he'd be in for more than a little stick! He took it all really well and was grateful for the cake we organised for his birthday! Time and again I gave him a chance to commit to City, but he wouldn't. He's back in light blue - well, his body is at least - but is his mind?

Speculation was rife at the time that he was on his way out of the Etihad. PSG seemed his likely destination. Did their big spend on David Luiz blow that prospect out of the water? Maybe. They were out of room to manoeuvre with FFP after that.

Ozil looks a shadow of the player that joined Arsenal. I took time out to check his 'match completion' at Real Madrid when he signed. He rarely, if ever, went beyond 60 mins in a game he'd started. Remember all the allegations about him being a 'party boy' when he left Real? None of us wants to believe that, but there's a reason he runs out of stamina so easily. And there's a reason he's been just plain ordinary since joining Arsenal. I can remember him making a goal on his debut. I can remember him missing the odd limp penalty, but I can't remember him doing much else. Let's give them both the benefit of the doubt right now, but they've got some work to do to convince us all is well.

Great to see Utd re-energised by Van Gaal last weekend. Our league needs a strong Utd and they've very nearly signed the eight players I said they needed this time last season. Sorry my views on this subject upset so many of you - but I was right eh? My advice now is to the 'Class of 92' to back off. Between them they caused nothing but problems at Utd last season - particularly one or two not even involved at the club. The game has changed. If Utd hadn't done what they have these last fee weeks they'd have been left behind. They'll definitely make top 4 now. Oh - one last big question on this subject. Are chips back on the menu? You can not be serious Rio?

No sympathy for Fulham. Plenty for their supporters of course. What a shambles there is going on at Craven Cottage, all of it self inflected. They've made one bad appointment after another these past 12 months. Yes, 12 months! Who's making them? Who paid £12m for Mitroglou? Who was representing him when he was bought? Follow the trail. I know for sure the coaching staff didn't want him. Ray Wilkins told me so.

It's a mess at Newcastle as well. King Kev is with us on BeIN sports this weekend. So is Andrew Cole. It'll be fascinating to hear what they make what's going on. Another example I fear of an owner and his Chief Exec thinking they know more about football matters than the guy they've appointed to make football decisions. That's my only sympathy for Alan Pardew. Sadly his habit of saying 'yes' all too often has helped bring tomorrow's demonstrations about. If he goes it won't change a lot. The next man will have to say 'yes' a lot as well.

Delighted we're all staying together in the Union. It means both myself and Andy can keep on working together! 

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