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Football. It drives us all mad from time to time, but what would we do without it?

The P Lge season isn't three weeks old and yet everywhere you turn there's something to talk about.

Man Utd are still making headlines. Its an inescapable fact that they've still got huge problems and those of you who read these blogs regularly will know it's nothing that I haven't been saying for the best part of a year now.  It's also appears as if wasn't all David Moyes' fault after all eh? I was fascinated to see the Daily Mail's Ian Ladyman follow my lead today (Thursday) and have the courage to point the finger at Fergie. At last, I'm not alone.

Let me borrow some of his research. Nani (17m) Anderson (20m) Young (17m) Bebe (7m) Hargreaves (17m) Kuszczak (2m) Tosic (7m) Berbatov (30m) Obertan (3m) Diouf (3m) Hernandez (6m) Smalling (7m) Powell (6m) Buttner (4m) Zaha (10m) and Id put Jones (18m) on that list. Good enough for Man Utd? Not for me. The majority wouldn't get into many Prem Lge starting X1's. So what was Fergie thinking about? What a waste. He HAS to take his share of responsibility.

Moyes' view on his time in charge is that he didn't get the time to either succeed or fail. I agree. He too made errors. He knows that, but once it became obvious that there were individuals both still at, and some on the fringes who had left the Club, who were doing their best to undermine him at every turn, it was best he went.  But not in the cowardly circumstances that we've since discovered. He deserved better than that but never really had a chance.

I must admit I'm a little surprised that Van Gaal has had such a poor start and I like to think he'll eventually turn it round.  But a word of warning - his 'self belief' can be his greatest strength. But it might also prove to be his greatest weakness.

Neil Warnock is back at Palace. A 'safe pair of hands' says Steve Parrish. I like Steve but I can't remember Neil ever being called that before!  I fear for Palace. I don't see this ending well. For me Neil is a 'promotion' expert. I've always felt his style of management is best suited to that job. The P Lge has so far always proved too much for him. I think it will again.

The smart money at QPR is on Tim Sherwood succeeding Harry Redknapp. I would suggest sooner rather than later might be a good idea if they're to give themselves a chance of staying up. Arry looked old at Spurs. At 67 perhaps he should put his feet up in his magnificent Sandbanks mansion and count his mo..... Sorry, blessings. By the way Arry, in case you get to go back to the Lane again, 'away' fans are in the top right hand corner! I have to admit some surprise that after four years at Spurs you didn't already know that.

At Leeds it's still chaos. But did anyone expect anything else? Huge club. Wonderful club. Don't blame Dave Hockaday for having a go. What was he supposed to do? Blame those who appointed him. Go further back and blame those who've allowed Leeds to fall into this decline over the last decade. It's a tragedy.

And finally, congratulations to all those who've brought about Coventry City's return home to The Ricoh. Wonderful news. It's been a long hard slog. All TOTALLY unnecessary. Well done all those who stood on 'Jimmy's' hill and refused to budge. Well done Gary Hoffman and his team who've been a thorn in SISU's side almost since day one and well done the F Lge for finally growing a pair. But it's only part of the ultimate job done. We want SISU out. 

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