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Sorry Brendan, there's no-one to blame for this one other than yourself. Mario Balotelli is a troublesome dud.  Were you the only guy that didn't know that? If you did - why on earth did you sign him? If you didn't, couldn't you have made a few calls to find out? Or, and here's the rub, did you really believe that you could succeed where the likes of Prandelli, Mancini and Mourinho, who called him 'unmanageable' all failed? 

I just don't get it. People talk to me about his 'talent'. Of course he has talent, he's an international footballer for goodness sake, but what 'talent' is it that makes him allegedly so special? I've never seen it.

Rodgers committed the cardinal sin of believing his own publicity. Why did he believe he'd succeed where so many had failed?  Again, I repeat what Graham Taylor has previously said 'they don't change'.  The best modern day example I can think of is Stan Collymore. What a genuine talent he was. He could've have been right up there with the very best, but his troublesome ways got nearly every manager that signed him the sack.

Rodgers assured us Ballotelli would 'fit in'. He'd take to the 'Liverpool way'. He hasn't. He won't. And no amount of time will change that. I hear whispers that Rodgers is now asking anybody he bumps into 'did I do the right thing?' Next he'll be doing a Fergie and saying 'not me guv. If wasn't my idea'. His confidence had plainly taken a jolt.

This season was going to be difficult enough anyway  They were a delight to watch like season and like so any more I believed they deserved to win it. I would have loved to have seen them win it. I worked for four years on Merseyside when, as Graeme Souness would say, they 'were winning everything'! I made many good friends, got married to a 'red' and grew a deep affection for all three clubs on Merseyside (Tranmere!) so it was only natural I'd want to see them win it after such a long time without the title

I felt the same way when Kenny Dalglish won it at Blackburn. When United ended 26 years of misery.  When Mancini and Platt won it. Wenger and Mourinho deserved their successes. You want your mates to do well.

But back to Liverpool. I'm afraid the rest of Rodgers' time this season is going to be taken up answering questions about Ballotelli. To a degree it often was with Suarez, but boy did he deliver? So it didn't matter.

It's too late to cut and run. Who'll take him? Rodgers can only hope some other mis-guided ego might try. To finish - a little line I noticed in the Telegraph today. Why did Atletico Madrid end up with only £14m of Diego Costa's £39m transfer fee?

The annual transfer review by Prime Time Sports, the Spanish equivalent of Deloitte's Annual Review of Football Finance - whose authors we are told have impeccable contacts at the top of the Spanish game - recorded that Atletico netted only 45% of Costa's transfer fee, with the rest going to 'investors'. Why? Answers please if you can enlighten us. 

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Turns out Roy Keane was right after all. Fergie knows nothing about loyalty.

As regular readers of this blog will know I've been constant in my view that in just writing the book and spewing secrets - somewhat selectively - he flagrantly destroyed his long held mantra that 'what goes on at this club stays at this club'. I'm sure Keane wasn't the only one of his former players that felt betrayed. I've said before I thought he was bang out of order. The timing of the release of his book did nothing to help David Moyes. Nor did the tacky theatre tour that followed. Nor did constantly hanging around the tunnel on matchdays.

But, I accept that a whole lot of Manchester United fans felt it was a terrific read and whatever Fergie does he will always have a special place in their hearts. I said selective in spewing secrets - there was nothing on 'Giggs-gate' nor the Rock of Gibraltar affair. My feeling on reading it was that he wanted to settle a whole lot of old scores.

Let me also say that without question Fergie will go down as the greatest manager of all time in our game. That simple. And think about the contenders - Bob Paisley, Shanks, Clough, Revie, Mercer, Nicholson, Ramsey, Mourinho, Wenger........

So, having got that out of the way, what a crying shame that he's at it again. Of course there was going to be a paperback version but tell me please what Moyes did to find himself in the firing line like he is now? Remember this - 'your job now is to support our new manager'. That didn't last long did it? Or did he just forget?

'Don't point finger at me' screams a headline in The Times today. It wasn't my idea guv'.  'Ferguson claims Man Utd was too big for Moyes' is the Telegraph's take. Mirror haven't touched it yet. I don't read The Sun. Do we really believe the Mail's headline? 'Worried Moyes texted me but I had no idea he faced the sack'. Here's an idea - text him and find out what he wanted. Better still - call him.

Fergie makes Moyes out to be an incompetent fool. What will prospective employers at clubs' Moyes will see himself as a contender to manage going forward conclude?

It's to be hoped the same as me. I too was full of advice for David during his time at Old Trafford. I thought sacking Mike Phelan was a mistake but having spoken to David it turns out there was a very good reason to do it. I'm certainly not going to share that information here. Rene Meulenstein's subsequent resignation was an unexpected blow.

How David must wish he'd had both the backing and the money to change things at United as Van Gaal has done. Whatever Fergie says, and recently he accepted the decline needed addressing, United were getting left behind both domestically and in Europe. 

But to my conclusion. I find David Moyes a man of real substance. He's been dignified in the extreme since leaving United. He's a good football man who had his own plans to re-build an ailing giant. I believe he would've succeeded but as the man himself has said: 'I didn't get enough time to either succeed or fail'. What a pity Fergie couldn't have left it at that. Loyalty. Bloody Hell.

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What a weekend that was - most goals scored on a matchday so far this season, with Southampton getting eight of them, there were six pens, four own goals and three off.

Briefly on the subject of the penalties - six were awarded but only four scored. Two were 'saved' not 'missed'. We're all so concerned with the correct phraseology these days let's give the keepers credit for doing their job. In this case Lloris and Hart. If a player 'misses' the target so be it, the pen has been 'missed'. If not, the keeper had 'saved' it. 

It's great to see so many goals and obviously there are many reasons why teams concede, but one thing did occur to me this weekend, where have all the central defenders gone? Chelsea will win the title, in my opinion, because they have the best two - Terry and Cahill. City have Kompany. There's Phil Jagielka at Everton (I know, but he plays for England!) and I can't think of too many more worth a mention.

It used to be the case that we had loads of them - Adams, Keown, Bould, Campbell, Ferdinand, Bruce, Pallister, Vidic, Carragher, McGrath, Distin, the more you think the more come to mind. But you'd struggle to get beyond the four I've mentioned from this era. Why?

I remember when they changed the 'pass back' rule the thinking was it would turn big 'stoppers' into ball players, or produce a generation that would want to play with the ball at their feet. It maybe has, but not many of them can defend properly anymore.

I wonder how many times Arsene Wenger has regretted not re-signing Cesc Fabregas this season? How good does Fabregas look? A class act. I suspect Fabregas is somewhat relieved things have worked out the way they have. Arsenal haven't changed. Not good enough in a battle.

Mourinho is still playing games tho. No Costa this past weekend and he won't play in the C Lge v Maribor, but he wouldn't have played in the last two anyway would he? Against Palace and Maribor? No! I guarantee he plays v Utd next weekend.

Now comes Van Gaal's first real test. Three of United's next four are 'monsters'. We'll get a really good idea of where they are next Sunday v Chelsea and there's City to follow pretty soon after that. I don't think they'll win any of them v the big boys. By the way Louis, what on earth are 'lateral defenders'? Full-backs? The game has gone mad!

Liverpool are all over the place. Rodgers has for his first real test on. Does he know his best team now? I don't think he does. I also hear he's asking everybody he can if he made a mistake with Balotelli. The answer is always the same - 'yes'. Ive told you before what Graham Taylor used to say, 'everybody thinks they can change a wrong 'un. You can't'.

West Ham are flying. Never mind this nonsense 'the fans changed Big Sam'. I've never heard anything so daft. Sam has been managing at West Ham within the limitations of what he had. He's got better and 'bigger' players now and it shows. He's not a mug. They'll hit the wall soon. Whose fault will that be?

Delighted for Southampton. Absolutely brilliant start.

And I would've loved to have finished without mentioning 'Arry, but I can't. What a disgraceful attack on Adel Taraabt that was on Sunday. Talk about trying to deflect criticism away from himself. In any other job that falls into the 'bullying' category. He'd be in front of a tribunal. I actually think the FA should act, but of course they won't. Gary Monk is in trouble for calling Moses a 'cheat', but hasn't 'Arry done the same with Taraabt?  The facts are 'Arry has won 5 of 33 P Lge games he's been in charge of at QPR. They're a shambles and it's his fault. Only his fault.